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Our Story

How did two lifelong career engineers end up running a chocolate and candy shop outside beautiful Zion National Park?

Short version: It took a vacation, of course. Doesn’t everyone make life & career-changing decision on vacation?

Long version: After 20 years (give or take) of engineering work, we were started looking around the country for a place where we could enjoy retirement after another decade of work. We weren't really looking for an immediate career change, but we liked the idea of discovering different parts of the country. For starters, we spent a week in Oregon, and Utah and planned on a trip to Tennessee for starters....but we never made it to Tennessee. While in Oregon, we ran across an ice cream parlor along the Columbia River Gorge that had just sold. That seemed like a really fun idea; selling ice cream to the locals and tourists.

So when we planned on a the trip to Utah, we just decided to see what kind of businesses were available. We ran across an ad for a chocolate, candy and ice cream shop claiming to be just outside the entrance of Zion National Park. It seemed a little too good to be true, but after contacting the owner, we set up a meeting on the first day of our vacation trip. The worst-case scenario was that we would have to spend 2 hours in a candy store.

It was far from the worst-case scenario. After only 2 hours, we had fallen in love with the shop, the place and the people. We spent the rest of our vacation trying to come up with reasons why we shouldn't do it. In the end, we decided that it was an opportunity that we could just not pass up.

Less than 6 months later, on the day before Kim’s birthday, we opened the shop as the new owners. How many wives get a chocolate store for their birthday? Yep, Dave's going to milk that for a while. We now have the shortest and most beautiful commutes of our lives and we get to work together...making chocolates and making people happy.